Friday, August 5, 2011

Bar J Chuckwagon

On Saturday we headed up to Idaho to spend some time with The Thueson Family. Terra had a jam packed 4 days planned for us. After the 5hr drive up to Idaho Falls we took of and headed up to Jackson Hole,Wyoming and had a bit of a look around the town, but the main reason we headed up that way was to have dinner at BarJ Chuckwagon..

It was a dinner and a show just how they would have it on a cattle run or ranch.. you line up, choose your meal and then they have all these things to do while you are waiting for the bell to ring for dinner..
Plenty of places to take pics, they have horse rides for the kids, gift shops and homemade biscuits, which were similar to damper. They are open every summer 7 nights a week and750 people a night. The hall was packed and we didn't make a booking but the Thuesons had been there before and knew if we went earlier enough we would able to sit outside..
Dinner was great the roast beef melted in your mouth..
Because we sat outside , we got served first and of course was the first to go back for seconds..
When everyone had finished their dinner we went into the hall to see the show... It was cool listening to the old cowboys songs and they were very funny aswell.. It was a great night and loved every minute ...
After dinner it was another 2hrs back to Idaho Falls to sleep and back on the road the next day..

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  1. you guys are really having heaps of fun seeing all the sights...guess that is the blessings of being able to live there for 12 all so deserve it enjoy...we do miss you though even though we didnt see you much really....



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