Friday, August 5, 2011


The next part of our road trip was driving through Yellowstone Park. I have been wanting to go there since I was Old Faithful on "The Amazing Race".. it wasn't long into the park when we saw some wildlife.We saw heaps of bison and elk, two black bears and nearly saw a mousse... We parked our cars and by we walked up to where you could see the mousse the ranger told us to get back in the car as the heard of Bison that we just past on the hill was now coming towards us...

Not only is the wildlife great to watch so is the nature. Plenty of water falls and streams that you can stop and have some lunch.

It is a huge park it two us 3 days to see all of it and it really helped having the Thuesons there to be our tour guides, otherwise it would have taken more than 3 days...
Old Faithful was AMAZING..... All the Geyers were fun to watch..

Had a great time and still more posts to come about the weekend....


  1. Isn't it a beautiful place! Such amazing scenery.

  2. Ooh, I'm so excited - We are going to Yellowstone this coming weekend!



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