Wednesday, October 17, 2012

27 to 5

 It's been a while since we moved out of our home at Trevallyn to our rental property in Newstead.
I love everything about this cottage, maybe because I know it's not forever..
It doesn't have the best water pressure come to think of it, it has NO water pressure and the kitchen is small and old

But  there is SO much to love about it..
In a matter of fact as soon as we were settled into living I asked Gaz if he would like to buy a cottage and renovate it....
It is close to  everything and we love going for walk down to the shops or to the park..

It has heaps of character and heaps of cracks. It was really hard doing the condition report for the real estate. Phebe and Eliza live upstairs, they have their own bedrooms and their own bathroom. I don't go up the stairs much, I leave everything on the bottom of the stairs.. Phebe has a big bedroom with an attic style roof and a small walk in robe... Eliza's bedroom is a decent size and gets a lot of sun.. There are no photos because they are teenagers and that equals mess..
 This house loves the sun and most days I find myself sitting at the table enjoying the sun..
Oh did I mention it comes with it own gardener...
And the fridge doesn't fit in the kitchen, so it is in the lounge room.. Closer to get drinks in summer...


  1. Love the cottage and love that you live close to me so I can just drop in for a diet coke from the fridge in the lounge room :)



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