Sunday, July 17, 2011

Guest Blogger... AGAIN!!!

This week Eliza turned 12 and when you turn 12 you can go to the temple and do baptisms.. Provo Temple was closed, Eliza's 2nd choice (Salt Lake Temple) was also closed for summer maintenance. So we decided to go to the Draper Temple (40 mins away)..
When Phebe turned 12 we took her to the Melbourne Temple just by ourselves, so Phebe stayed home with Eden and babysat with Anna......Next time we will ALL together....
Great Temple, Great weather and a GREAT Day all round...
Eliza's thoughts:
The temple is pretty inside and out, A funny part of the trip is that I put the white suit back to front. I confirmed 5 people, I also baptized 5 people. A lot of people cry in temple but I shake. I was very nervous. I loved the temple trip. It was the best!!!!


  1. such a fantastic enrty for your journal Eliza... i would be getting writers cramp and filling my journal so fulll by now...what a wonderful experience at a tell all overnighter when you get home....

  2. Wow Eliza lovely to read your thoughts about the temple - and a great story to remember and tell your kids one day when you go back to be married in the temple Love ya Auntie Max

  3. What a wonderful day! You're so beautiful!!



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