Monday, August 20, 2012

Number 27

 I always disliked our front fence, that's why I wasn't really caring when painting it. I thought that one day we will get a new one. Suddenly it has hit me that this week I am going to say goodbye to the fence that I wanted to replace. Even though we have only been in the house for 7 months since being back, I thought that it wouldn't be sad but I guess in 2011 we always knew we were coming back to it..
 Our nick name for our house is 'The Shoebox on the Hill' and it has served us well..
We will miss our neighbours on the bottom side, they have watched the girls grow up and Eden loves yelling out to Andrew from the deck when he comes home..

Eliza was only little when we moved in, the photo was taken in the first week.

Eliza still on the same window sill on the last week..
We are moving to a little house in Newstead while the house is getting built..
When building a house sometimes things don't go the way you have planned.
The previous post house design hasn't worked out and we have signed with another builder.
Moving into our new house early Feb..
Goodbye Shoebox you have been good to us...

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  1. Wohoo goodbye shoebox and hello brand spankin new house!!! How exciting.



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