Sunday, August 28, 2011


When we arrive in Florida we had no idea what we were going to do.... Sure there's heaps to do but we hadn't made up our minds.. Sure if we had an spare $1250 dollars we would had landed up at Disney World for two days!!!! As it was Florida was more expensive place to drink, shop and eat than Utah!!! As we were looking at the "not very cheap outlets" in the heat we decided to try and book a show that night.. So we rang the hotel (cheaper tickets) to see if we could get some seats to see CIRQUE DU SOLEIL that was showing in "Downtown Disney"...Anyone who has seen one of these productions knows that they are very worth while and always very entertaining... I love all of the performers and there was always something new to look at.. Eden's favourite performers where the four "white guys" they always came out and did something funny.. Even while the other performers were performing..
I would LOVE to see another show soon!!
It was a great start to the holiday....


  1. AHH I love the Ciruqe at downtown disney - How good is it?!?! The trampolines were my favourite!!

  2. you lucky ducks...we have to just sit back and watch it on DVD..close as i will get i reckon...(hey i thought this year was one big holiday for you guys...he he he)



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