Monday, August 8, 2011

jackson hole.wy

Before and after we went to YELLOWSTONE we visited this little town called JACKSON HOLE in WYOMING.. We loved everything about this town and if we lived closer we would go back again on a regular basis.. In the middle of the town they had a park with some antlers (they looked really cool).. In a matter of fact if think every where you looked there were antlers!!!

Every night of the week they have a old fashioned "shoot out" in the middle of the town.. This was the story of a Dr who was selling a"miracle lotion" to all the town folk and of course it didn't work so they wanted their money back...
Of course there was alot of fighting and shooting going on and everyone ended up being dead...

I think Phebe is beginning to like boys.. she always wants her photo taken with them!!!!!!

There was plenty to do in around the town.. Plenty of "over priced" souvenir shops and heaps of cheap t-shirt shops..

Every street had it's own character.

It was a great start and finish with our trip with the Thuesons.

I forget to post about the "square ice cream" we had on the way to Jackson Hole..
It was yummy, Phebe had "moose tracks".......


  1. Isn't it a cool place! I'm laughing at the comment ' I think Phebe is starting to like boys' :)

  2. I have only been to Jackson Hole in the winter so no shooting stand offs. I didn't have moose-track ice cream but I did see a wild moose and he did leave some tracks :) Laura



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