Friday, July 20, 2012

What's Phebe been doing..

 Phebe hasn't started a sport but has thrown her energy into things at school. Last month she was a team member for grade 9 Riverside High School Maths relay team.. All the Riverside teams performed really well, with coming away with a 1st, couple of 2nds  and placing a 3rd and Phebe team placed 5th. They were happy with 5th as grade 9s were doing the same answers as 10s..
 Phebe also completed her second term presentation, she focus was on photography and really went well. Talking in front of a group for people for a 45 mins is not my favourite thing to do so i admire her for doing this.
 Phebe also went on a excursion with a group of other children from other schools to spend the day with some local professional photographers.. She plans to enter an local photography competition aimed for 9-12 grade school students. The photo below Phebe chose to send into the local paper where they publish a photo each day. When your photo is selected you win a poster print of your photo..

Also this week Phebe was a part of the winning Riverside team who took out 1st place in the State final of Science and Engineering Challenge...

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