Sunday, March 27, 2011

YW's Broadcast..

Yesterday we drove to Salt Lake City to attend the YW's Broadcast.. We were very excited and it was also to have some people to share it with.. Elaine and Emma (fellow Aussie's) came with us....
It was a bit cold, but we didn't mind... We were attending Conference.. YAYAYAYAYA!!!!!!!
It seems like everyone was getting there at the last minute. We were just on time, just a bit of traffic on the I15...When we got into the Conference Center, we found our section, which ended up being full.. Since no-one was saving us seats, the kind lady said we could go down the front...
We had really good seats close to the screen and the to see the speakers..
Phebe was really happy to be there.. Not as happy as Sister Dalton... She is just too happy....

We are grateful for Sis Harrison who got us the tickets.. Our ward has one of the biggest youth, but yet our ward only received 8 tickets...

Off we go again next weekend for General Conference..

Look out for our pics in the upcoming Ensign..


  1. What an exciting experience! You guys look like you are having such a blast - you won't wanna come home!

  2. Very cool that you could go, especially considering only 8 YW from your ward got to, but of course you would give the tickets to the cool Aussies! : )



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