Monday, March 7, 2011

home sweet home

On campus there is another Aussie family living here. The Haynes Family are from Queensland and had to return to Australia for a short trip to visit a family member.. Elaine asked me before she left was there anything I was missing... At first i didn't think I was, then I thought for a while.. Real MILO would be good, we can get stuff like it here, but its made in Africa or Switzerland..
Red frogs are my favourite all time food (wing dings comes a close second)....
Today I got a nice surprise from Elaine......
I'm still laughing about the Blutack.....
But the girls have already used it!!!!
Thank you HHaynes family and Welcome Back....
P.s as soon as we opened the milo we dunk our fingers in it!!! SO GOOD!!!!


  1. Good to see you have all the important food groups covered there!

  2. Oh man I couldn't live without milo!! SOmetimes that's all I have for lunch, one part milk, eight parts milo!!!!!

  3. yep they will never change you Lisa ...your a fair dinkum Aussie....

  4. Glad you got some treats from home :)



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