Thursday, March 31, 2011

fellow Tasmanians..

Yesterday fellow Tasmanians Joe and Kym Rogers stopped in on a whirlwind tour of Provo.. They have been planing this trip for ages and last year we were joking around saying "maybe we will come and see you guys if you move to Provo"........ So here they were in Provo, after their long drive from Bryce Canyon we started the afternoon off with some shopping at the bookstore and then we all hoped in a buggy and took the BYU campus tour..
The girls got early out of school... YAY for the Rogers!!!!!
This house used to be the Presidents House, but now it's just a administration building...

(I did take lots of photo's but the computer wont let me rotate them!!!)
After the tour we went to the local walmart, then back to the bookstore, followed to the Carl Bloch exhibit at the museum and finally of to dinner... and where did we go??????
I'm not going to tell ya... you will have to ask the Rogers when they come back?????
Thank you for stopping in Joe and Kym and hope they enjoy the rest of their holiday.....


  1. that is sureal seeing the rogers there with you guys...but that is because Kym was only in YW's a weeka ago talking about going.......what a great reunion you guys had hey????

  2. I didn't know they had a buggy tour of campus!!! Looks like you guys had a great time together. Wish it was me visiting! :(



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