Monday, April 11, 2011

Phebe turns 14 !

On the Sunday Phebe turned 14, she has been talking about it since her 13th birthday.. Since her birthday fell on a Sunday we went out for dinner Friday night...

Saturday Anna came around and brought her a cupcake and BYU poster..

Anna ended up staying for dinner and helped the girls babysit Eden (we attended the night session of stake conference).. It was great having Anna here..
Of course Phebe spent some of the day, checking her facebook!!!!
On Sunday morning Phebe had to be up and ready as there was an Youth meeting at church with a guest speaker (Elder Chrissoffterson)..and then another 2hr meeting for families....
In the afternoon we went for a quick drive to the Mount TimpanogousTemple...
And finished the day of with a Snickers cake...... YUMMY.... but rich!!!!!!

Phebe had an AWESOME day......

And the best thing is that I don't even feel old!!!!!


  1. happy birthday Phebe xxx

  2. HOORAY! So glad Phebe had a wonderful day! xo!!



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