Sunday, November 1, 2009

long weekend!

The long weekend in November is here and what to do.. Sun is shinning so off to the pool the girls go with their friend Lizzie. they must have enjoyed themselves, they were there for 5 hours...Phebe went to Bridport with the Wheeler's on Sunday, so it was just the 4 of us.. We headed of to City Park to check out what the monkeys had been up to..
Eden really liked the monkeys. You could sit there for hours and watch them for hours. We decided to go and see the ducks. The ducks weren't in a good mood.To lazy do get up and say hello.
Then off to the train. Eliza picked the back of course and off they went on the train ride. when the train ride had finished Eliza and I walked off because Eden was crying cause she wanted to go on it again.. We were saying "Who is that child....She is very noisy!!!"


  1. ha ha - don't you love it when your kids chuck tantrums in public! Gotta love City Park and long weekends :)

  2. I actually avoid city park just because of that train! William is shocking about getting off it as well, can be rather embarassing at times.



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