Monday, October 26, 2009

well here goes part b... and have to do it backwards as the computer wont let me more the photo's, so here it goes.. When we drove up to Salt Lake we caught up with the Thueson's, they drove from idaho to see us. We always have fun when we hang out with David and Terra. The day started with lunch, more site seeing with the locals, dinner and lots of talking. If we ever moved to the states for a reason we would move near these guys.. (don't start any rumours)

My favourite pic of the temple in Salt Lake. We went on Sunday and ran around temple square to see if we could find an Australian Sister Missionary. We found one she was from Melbourne.

Next stop was hanging out with Robbie Hamblin.. He served in our ward about 7 years ago. Last time went went he took us to a BYU basketball game so his time he got us some VERY awesome tickets to the football game. this was fantastic. we both loved ever minute of it. Robbie didn't cause BYU lost...

The marching band was great and when they are not on the ground they are playing in the stands, it was always noisy.

Cosmo the mascot was kind enough to have his photo with us... he actually likes his photo taken..
You know that you are in Utah when you see a temple every 5 mintutes..

My first Favourite shopping was WALMART . Its a combination of candy and wacky American themed things. Miss you already xxxxxx


  1. SO good to see you blogging again Lisa! :) Gotta love broadband!

    Just a tip from the blogger queen. I find using mozilla firefox (rather than internet explorer) when I am blogging lets me upload the pics easily and move them around no probs. With explorer I can not rearrange the photos. Not sure if you use firefox, but it can be downloaded free from the net. I find explorer is much friendlier when uploading pics to FB though.

  2. yeah first time using explorer with the blog!!! thanks for the advice your a champ!!



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