Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Movember is back again.Gary and a few of his friends from work are in a team and growning moustaches for charity.. Movember is held in the month of November each year and guys can grow moustaches for charity and raise money for prostate cancer which affects a lot of men.
I'm happy that he is doing it for charity but i will be glad when he does shave it off at the end off the month..

Back in 2003 Gary's grade 6 class wanted to raise some money for the homeless in the Launceston area, so Gary gave them a challenge and told them if they raised $1000 he would shave his hair off.. Next thing you know we are sitting in the school assembly and Gary's up the front on the stage, standing next to him was a parent who was a hairdresser... Off with the hair and so he handed the cheque to the City Misson.. Even the TV crew were there. (must have been a slow news day!)

so here are photo of the progress and bring on the end of the month..
P.S please DO NOT TELL HIM THAT HE LOOKS GOOD!!!!! cause he will keep it......

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  1. no, it's definitely NOT a keeper Gaz! Good on you for doing it though. I will give you a donation - make sure you remind me though!



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