Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Athletics Carnival

With the sun finally out the school oval finally dry Phebe and Eliza's school athletics carnival was held over 2 days. Phebe's house is BARNES and their colour is yellow. Here she is with Allissa the house captain for Barnes..
Eliza is in Thompson.Thompson was winning at the end of day one, so Eliza was very happy.When I went to say hi to Eliza i found her and her friends having a nice time and keeping themselves warm for the next race.
Eliza, Lauren,Jessica,Kaylee and Chloe waiting for there turn in the 200m..
Ribbons for Day one. Heaps of running on Day 1, they both competed in the 800m, 400m,200m, but they also had some fun events like tunnel ball relay, tug-a-war and the beanbag drop relay..

Day two started off with the 100m and then 1500m. Phebe did a great job finishing 4th in Div 1 in the 100m. Both girls said they weren't going to do the 1500m after day 1 ,but they changed their minds.. With Phebe still got the Long jump and House relay to go I think they ware both going to glad it's all over at 3 o'clock
Both girls done a great job and heaps of fun hanging out with their friends outside.. But who will win ??? Barnes.. Thompson... or will it be Mr Woodward's house Freeland.... I will have to wait until the girls come home..


  1. Go girls - they did great!! Funny they (including Gaz) are all in different houses. Bet there is a lot of rivalry in your house during carnival time.

  2. At least the weather was good, I heard it was supposed to be on the Tuesday but rained killed that idea! Glad that the girls are having a good time and funny how they are all in different houses!



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