Friday, July 20, 2012

1D for 13th

 If you thought that Phebe was upset about Gary's cake turning out better than hers, then you should have seen her face when the cupcakes that I ordered for Eliza's birthday came...
 Both girls are a bit crazy about the boy band so I thought it cool to have some 1D cupcakes..
It was a busy birthday after hockey game, Gaz and Eliza then met up with Phebe and myself as we were helping with the Christmas in July activity at church for the Single Adults..
Thanks to Jac we left after we cleaned up from dessert and headed to Flip Burger a place that we hadn't been to before.
After we finished our burger Eliza headed of to Chloe her friends house for a sleepover, it was her birthday this week as well.
And what did Eliza get for her birthday, hockey gear of course.
Happy 13th Birthday Eliza xx

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