Friday, July 20, 2012

No 1 tiurns 15

Phebe has always joked that she is our No 1 child, so in April (yes April, lost my blogging mojo) our No 1, first born or tallest child turned 15...Did she get to sleep in on her birthday.. No her mother made her go to a PUMP class at the gym as it was one of my favourite gym instrustors 40th birthday and after attending the gym she was allowed to rest.

 After the gym she went out to lunch with some of her friends at a local cafe.

 For her birthday we brought her a water proof camera so when she came home after lunch we that we would test the 'waterproof' part of the camera out..

There is no picture of Phebe's cake I could lie and say that it was SO yummy that it was ALL eaten before I had time to take a photo.. Truth is it was such a disaster that it went in the bin before a photo was taken..

We love ya Phebe's and thanks for being good about the cake!!!!

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