Thursday, September 15, 2011

Pep Rally...

Tonight we went along to the BYU COUGARS Pep Rally to see what it was going to be like.. Even though we had been to several BYU Football games, we had never be here at the start of the season.. BYU have already played two games this season (lost one and won one) but they haven't played a home game yet!!!!
And what a better game to start the season of with.. BYU vs UTAH the rivalry team.. It's like Cartlon and Collingwood playing against each other.. It's just worth going to be part of the crowd. These blue seats are wish we would be seating all season, but NO we aren't.. We did get a chance to seat in these seats back in 2009, they were great seats..
It's a crazy time around campus, the rivalry between these two teams is strong and students enjoy trying to paint statues red as that is the UTAH UTES colours. So all the statues are wrapped in glad wrap.. Will have to take photo's on Saturday!!!!

The guy with the mic says "and give a hand to the BYU Cheersquad" and Eden turns around and points to herself and says ME!!!!!
Yes Eden YOU!!!!!

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