Friday, July 20, 2012

Pre Kinder

 Since Eden will start school next year she has started to go to the Pre-Kinder program at Riverside Primary School. Every Wednesday morning we go and see what Mrs French has put out for all children.
Heaps of craft, puzzles, reading, painting to do inside and different stuff each week to play with outside..

But Edens favourite thing to do is spend time in the 'dress up' corner...
They have lots of dresses but she also likes to copy the boys and dress up  with all the safety clothes..
Soon she will be able to go more than one morning a week...
Bring on 2013..


  1. Oh wow - she's really growing up quickly (and super cute!)

  2. Oh NO not the baby going to school...big school all too what will you do?????she is all grown up and super cute as that cake ...YUMMO !!!!



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