Sunday, October 2, 2011

Conference Provo Style

We were lucky enough to get some Conference tickets, Saturday morning session and also Elaine offered to look after Eden so we could all go in..
There was heaps of people holding signs outside the Conference Center asking for tickets.. So with our tickets we went in line.. It was a great conference session, Pres Monson wasn't there at the start and came in about 3/4 way through. Pres Monson in his brief talk announced that they would be turning the burnt Provo tabernacle into the city second temple.. I can't really remember any of the other talks as my mind was with the King family...

While we were waiting for Elaine and Eden as they were going to the afternoon session we went to the Dessert Book store as on conference weekend they have book signings.. Phebe was happy as the cast from 17 miracles were there...(sorry about the pic)Sunday part of the weekend is a bit of a lazy one. It is broad casted on TV so you have the luxury of watching in your lounge room. Sleep in, stay in PJ's cooked breakfast is the order of the day..
As I'm writing this it is half way through and I can tell ya that watching it on TV and staying home aren't what you think it would be..
Phebe and Eliza are fighting over who has more space on the couch and Eden is not siting still at all.
Give me the chapel any day... Next year I'm happy to get dressed on Sunday clothes and travel 20 mins ad sit in the chapel...


  1. I will just be happy to have you back in the country. We miss you, especially at the moment. xxx

  2. i'm thinking the couch and cooked breakfast sounds good about now! :) Miss you guys. xxx



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