Friday, September 9, 2011

The two 1st !!!

In June I brought 3 Selena Gomez tickets and the best part was I didn't tell the girls. She is really big over here and we have a couple of here CD's (for road trips).. The girls had always said that they would like to see her or Taylor Swift in Concert.. Being that I was not going to pay $180 for Taylor, Selena won.... I had always wanted to keep it a secret and didn't tell anyone via Face book or email just in case I left them open..
On Wednesday after school I told them to hurry up and do their homework as we were going to Salt Lake City to see a church concert... Phebe worked it out soon after I said that (I'm no good at lying) but Eliza hadn't come home yet, so I asked Phebe to keep it a surprise...It wasn't til we were half way there , when I reached into the bag and gave her a piece of paper and asked her "what exit did I have to get off on".. She said it wasn't the map it was the ticket.. it took her a while to read it at work out what was going on..
The girls were very excited as it was their first music concert..After buying the over priced tour t-shirt we found our seats and the party began!!! I wish I'd taken my bigger camera ,just not the itouch's.. The concert was amazing and we all had a great time.. We ALL acted like we were 12.. even the 40 yr old..Eliza also had another 1st.. she hurt her finger at sport but seeing we didn't have time to go and sit at the Dr's (the concert was the same night) i took her to the Dr's the next day and found out that she has a broken finger.... 1st broken bone in the family!!
So no washing up, laundry or other things for a while.
Off to the hand specialist on Monday to see how long the splint has to stay on for!!


  1. You are such a cool Mum!! :) Hope Eliza's finger heals fast so she can get back to being a slave again! ;)

  2. You are the best mum those girls will remember that forever...i remember taking Chelsea to her first concert in Melbourne..The Cure...i was deaf for a week after...but he friends were so envious of her ..especially that her mum went too...he he..Hugs for the patient..great way to get out Eliza...hoooo hummmm!



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