Monday, October 18, 2010


Because of his guy Charles Hardie.........
Gary and I jumped on a plane to go to the wonderful city of Melbourne for the day........

We had a 9:15am appt at the American Consulate to arrange and pay for our Visa's

Gary was successful in receiving an "Charles Hardie Fellowship" through the Tasmanian Education Dept.. Gary will be studying Writing and Grammar at Brigham Young University...

So this town called Provo in Utah will be our home for the next 12 months.. We leave in in December this year and it will be in the middle of their winter, that's means lots of snow..
I'm not very good at this blogging thing, but I hope to keep you all informed about this cold and crazy adventure that Gary, myself and the girls are going on..
Miss you all xxxx


  1. So exciting and sad at the same time! What an adventure!! You have to promise to blog AT LEAST once a fortnight!!

  2. So exciting and a wonderful experience for you all. I say you have to blog weekly! :)

  3. :'( wah wah wah you cant leave us :'( wah wah

  4. OH WOW...that is the most awesome opportunity for you all... (might come and visit you for a holiday..)
    you had better stay in contact !!!!!!

  5. Yeah the blog posts better come thick and fast now and they ALL must say how much you miss your gym buds. :(



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