Friday, August 6, 2010

Where's the rest??

Tonight I brought a box of Cornetto's for dessert. I was proud as they were on special for the low price off $3:45 for a box off four... I handed them out and before too long we were enjoying our Friday night treat...
Until Phebe opened hers and found only half an ice cream.. Wheres the rest?? Phebe wanted to know??? This is what Phebe's ice cream looked like!!!!

Enjoy Phebe!!!!


  1. Wow ripped off gotta hate that! Wonder if u can take the pics in and show them to claim another one?

  2. That happened to us a year ago and we put it back in the freezer ...called the company ...and the rep came to collect it and brought us a whole carton full to replace it and apologized profusely....
    bonus i reckon

  3. Yeah I say go with Nettie's advice and get a whole truckload of em. Ripped off to the max!! You didn't have to then share yours did you? ;)

  4. Should've swapped with Dad, Phebes!



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