Tuesday, September 29, 2009

USA Part A

Well we finally made it. Our trip of a lifetime (that's what Gary called it). First stop Disneyland, the happiest place on earth. Some children didn't think so, crying kids everywhere.. It was the happiest place for me until I found out that SPACE MOUNTAIN was closed..Oh well i had to go and find another favourite ride..

So i stuck to the good old teacups..I love this ride, it's where all the little kids hang out. and the big kids too. He faster you spin in disk he faster you go... I love just sitting back and wacthing everyone else having fun..

It was lots of fun chasing the characters around the park to get your photo with them.. it was nice and hot in LA so they were mostly near shaded area's. This is one of our favourite photo's.

While in were in Anaheim were we lucky to catch a Los Angles baseball game. Her is Gaz with his big finger. It was huge, but not as noisy as we thought it would be. They only made noise when the White Sox's picther came out to bat!! (later was told that no team likes him)
Next stop was LAS VEGAS.. Lots of shopping, lucky most of it was inside was it was VERY HOT!! Gary shopped liked a girl in this town.. I wish every shop had a couch so I could sit down and relax while Gary the fashion Queen tried on everything... One of the highlights was see a "Vegas" show, we went and saw David Copperfield.. He was amazing we were near the front and he made this full sized car appear. It was pretty good...(I'm sure he has had some work done!!)

On the way to Provo we stopped off at Bryce Canyon. This too was amazing and beautiful too see. We didn't get to see all off it as we still had a bit of driving to do and plus the rain was coming.. then we had a long drive up to Park City, this was when i found out that Gaz was sick of listing to the GPS and was horrible at "I SPY".. What kind off word is" WIFEY"


  1. Cool reading about your trip and seeing some pics. Looking forward to more to come!


  2. What a bummer that space mountain was shut! That was my favourite too - awesome ride. The main thing I remember about Las Vegas was the lights of course and then the heat - it was intense!! Can't wait for the next post!! Hopefully will see you soon - maybe at core in the morning!? :)

  3. What a wonderful time you guys are having...savor every moment..take as many pictures of everything as your camera will hold (believe me you will forget things when you get back to the real world...phots really do promt those memories)...but most of all have fun...


  4. can't wait for part b

  5. Natalie here- yes Natalie Lloyd your old friend, You guys are rich!!!!!!

  6. What next Woodwards??!!!!! still- rich...



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