Friday, January 27, 2012

My Mate Ron

Gary's Entry

I can't descibe how I feel at the moment (numb and in disbelief are the best words that come to mind). Yesterday, our good friend, Aaron (or Ron to me) passed away while he was enjoying a family holiday down at the beach. All of us will miss Aaron's great and weird sense of humour and, not to mention, his great love of music and sport. I still remember one of Aaron's talks at church where he made reference to the Rivers of Babylon and quoted lyrics from Boney M. It was hilarious. I couldn't stop laughing; His awesome sense of humour really brightened up a mundane Sunday.

While I was away in Indonesia, Aaron and Lisa were the first to know about Lisa's second pregnancy. Aaron and Lisa helped look after Phebe while I was away and Lisa was busy throwing up and cursing me.

Two weeks ago, Aaron came to welcome us back home to Tassie and last Sunday we talked about college ball and the fate to the Patriots and the 49ers over dinner.

Aaron and Lisa have been through a lot over the last four months. Through it all, Aaron has been an inspiration to us as a family. He is wonderful father and a fantastic friend. I will miss you mate -- we will miss you. Our prayers and thoughts are with Lisa and the boys.



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