Monday, November 8, 2010

New Toy..

Gaz came home early tonight and Harvey Norman to have a look at a notebook for myself for America.... We walked away from Harvey Norman empty handed, then we decided to venture into town and go to Stallards and have a look for camera's.. I settled for the Pentax X90... It's no a DSLR but considering a want a notebook as well I was VERY happy that Gaz brought this model..
I haven't read the instructions and the battery isn't fully charged, but I just wanted to take a couple of pics.. Eden is sporting a new hair cut, looking good Eden.....

Many more playing around and pics to come.. I'm off to read the manual.......


  1. Eden looks so grown up. Nice camera!! :)

  2. yay for a new camera! Eden's hair looks soooooo cute!

  3. Eden looks so grown up with her new haircut! Have fun with your new "toy".

  4. Very flash camera, it will be brilliant for your "adventure".



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