Wednesday, November 16, 2011


This week Liken released their new DVD... "Jonah and the Great Fish".. They tell Bible stories in a way that is interesting and funny and their production company just happens to be based in Provo.. We were excited to see that they announce a FREE screening and meet the cast night.. We missed out on the 7 pm showing so I registered Gaz, Phebe and Eliza for the 9pm showing..
Another DVD to add to the collection and signed ones at that.. We even brought some for our Tassie friends to add to their collection....LOVE living in Provo...


  1. Thanks for coming to the screening and for your support of Liken!

    Dennis Agle
    Lightstone Pictures

  2. Looking forward to getting a copy too! Went to order one during the week but unfortunately the international side of the order system is not quite set up just yet.



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