Sunday, June 26, 2011


So when we came over we had made ourselves a "things to do list" and one of the things was to attend a "church pageant". June was when he Manti one was being held, which was going to be the closest and easiest pageant to get to.. So on Thursday we drove to Manti which is about 1 1/2 hrs away. The pageant didn't start til 9:30pm which we meant we didn't have to hurry.. Even had time to stop at a Walmart along the way.... Always time for Walmart..

We made sure we parked the car in a good position, so it wouldn't get stuck in traffic late at night and found a seat.. There was heaps of people there, more than I thought there would be on a Thursday night and it had already been into it's second week..Before it started we had a photo with some cast members. Not Gaz though he was off wondering around looking what the protesters have to say and he ran into some ex Tasmania's/Queensland people..

Filling in time taking photo's, but none of Eden as she was pulling faces all the time..

The pageant is staged on the hill besides the Manti Temple and told of three stories, the restoration of the gospel, the witness of the book of Mormon and the journey that the pioneers faced when moving across America..

It was really well done and a great production..

You weren't allowed to film or take photo's during it, but I got to take some photo's of the Temple in different lights..

It was a great night we arrived back at Provo at 1am in the morning but it was worth it..

Even if you weren't a church member it would still enjoy it..

Another thing crossed of the list.... a few things still left on there though!!!!!!

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