Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Well last week was Eden's birthday, but i didn't post about the cake.. The shops here have amazing big and small cakes, with whatever you want... We thought when we took Eden to pick out her cake that she would choose a Barbie or Princess one...
But No she picked a Toy Story one.. it's was one of the smaller and plainer ones.. but she was happy..

After dinner we decided to go to the Ice Hockey game.. It was fun and we liked it that much we are going back this Friday...

Basketball season is nearly finished or all the tickets are gone, so i guess Ice hockey is our new sport for a while....


  1. the cake is great...yes they sure know how to do the sweets over there...well everything food really.... When are you starting up your chef classes...they will go for that for sure....????

  2. So cool!!! Wish things weren't so expensive herd. Ice hockey looks very fun too!

  3. Yay the cake. It looks yummo. I can just hear Kingy in the back of my head working out the points for a piece of that!! I would love to go to an ice hockey game.



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