Saturday, July 17, 2010

Lots of Jelly Slice..

During the week it was Eliza's birthday. For about the last 9 years Eliza has wanted a horse for her birthday. This year was like any other year, NO HORSE.. But she did get a DS horse game and Pop and Roz brought her a toy bulls eye ( the horse from the movie " TOY STORY".. DS games and CD's were among the other presents she receive from us and friends.. Nan and Chris took her to town on the weekend and she got her ear pieced and also some shopping..Lucky Girl..
Eliza's favourite slice is Jelly Slice, so being the lazy mother I went to a bakery in town and brought alot of Jelly Slice and made into a shape of an E for her birthday cake.. Eliza LOVED it..

There was alot of Jelly Slice.....

Eden showing us the size of it... She didn't eat it, just wanted for photo taken..( I think she gets that from hanging around Kobe) !!!!

Even Phebe had to show her Jelly Slice eating skills..........


  1. Awesome cake! Good girl Eden - you are a GREAT poser! I want to take photos of her -she's sooo cute!



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