Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Gary's trip

This week Gary made a trip up to the Sydney Temple for a couple of days with his mother and favourite sister.. They stayed at the Temple accommodation and Gary had a lovely time at the Carlingford Food Court, which is across the road. Gary said "Curry Concepts" was really nice.
Gillian also came along for the ride and a special guest "Penny" came down for the day... They had a lovely time together and Gary left them alone to have some girl time and went back to the temple for the evening.

Gary had a quick trip, while Maxine, Gillian and Nanna Pat are staying up and spending some time with Penny.... I can hear them talking and laughing from here...


  1. Looks like he had a great time, nice to see Penny too.

  2. How nice for Pat to have all her family together at the Temple.... Penny looks great as well.

  3. Nice to see Penny!! I'm cracking up at your comments about Gaz liking the food court :)

  4. Arrr me baby brother is there something I need to know??? what ya mean favorite sister - I thought I was the only one. Nice photos/memories



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