Tuesday, February 9, 2010

What time is it?

It's back to school time. 2010 is going to be exciting for both girls, Phebe is in grade 7, first year of High School. Yesterday all the grade 7's went for about 2 hours just to get used to the school, find their locker and work out how to work it, and met their home room teacher. So today was the first full day complete with uniform.
Eliza on the other hand had her first day yesterday and was very happy to be in grade 5.. In grade 5 you get to do more things like help the kinder's with their PE lessons, a way cooler music teacher, Friday sport and most of all CAMP... Camp i think is in March this year which Eliza is looking forward to.

Glad I'm taking happy snaps of them now , i don't think they will have happy faces when the homework comes rolling in, as Eliza's teacher has told her that she will have homework.

I hope the girls have great years this year and make heaps of new friends.. I don't think that Eliza was happy about Phebe wanting to share some love this morning..


  1. ha ha - GREAT photos!! Love the ones of the girls with their hands on their hips - including Eden!! Crack up.

  2. Wow gr 7 sounds so old. Does Eden miss them during the day?



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