Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Double Digits

Yesterday was Eliza's 10th Birthday.. It started on Monday night with Pop and Roz coming over and having chocolate cake..... In true Woodward style it was involving food all the time..
After opening her presents(DS dogs, connect 4, pj's, undies, a horse book and JUST MACBETH from her fav series of books). She went to school with her 27 cupcakes!!!! One without icing for Cassie!! At night she wanted to go and watch Gary play basketball and then to Macca's where her father promised to buy her a large Meal Deal for the first time!!!!!! And then Uncle Wayne brought the girls a Sundae!!!!! After that off to bed....Hope you had a great day liza.. You finally made it onto the blog..


  1. Happy Birthday Lize! Looks like a great day.

  2. it was great to have you in the Primary Class on Sunday...why didnt you say it was your birthday???? Happy Birthday Liza....Double digits WOW!!!!

  3. Hey there miss Eliza, sounds like you had a great birthday & you got to star on the Blog, yippee, cool huh. LOL your secret mermaid sister xx



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