Thursday, March 11, 2010

Peppa the Cat

Thursday morning about 3:30am we got woken by alot of meowing coming form the lounge room. We were in trouble Peppa the cat couldn't walk!!!
Panic set in and alot off "googling" went on.....Finally the sun came up and we could take him to the vet.
Snake Bite!!! Apparently cats are tough with snake bites which was good cause the anti venom cost $1000.. So he stayed at the vet's so she could monitor him and finally he was allowed to come home that night. Currently I am baby sitting Peppa as he can't still walk yet and we be a couple of days before he can eat by himself..Hope he gets better soon , so we can start yelling at him again!!

Today it is Oscar (our dog) birthday "Happy Birthday Oscar". Maybe i should take him to the dentist for the birthday!!!xxx

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